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im already rly excited….you cant have two characters be voiced by gon and killua WITHOUT me getting REALLY EXCITED


look at fucking tanaka GIVING NISHINOYA A BOOST OH MY GOD 


Transparent Asuka Langely

x nge x


Junko Enoshima

been listening to Dangan Ronpa OST again


I’m so happy I finally got my Cerberus in the mail. I’m blown away by the detail and how delicate the sculpture is. This is my first 3D sculpture I have bought from www.shapeways.com and I’m over the moon at how awesome it is.
Visit Brians page. It’s amazing. I’m a very happy customer.


Behind the scenes of Maleficent


Boy i love me some randomizers, Pacster here helps with that too.

See who you get! (Sadly, not everyone is here, some of these guys do not even HAVE sprites, apologies).

This gif was set to be bigger and have a lot more frames of animation for the little dudes, but then filesizes wanted to be dumb, so i had to butcher this thing a bit :c

x ssb x